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Founder of Skill Skool Studio. Mechanical Engg. Dale Carnegie Certified Trainer

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As the name says,Skill Skool Studio is the school for learning skills for professional and personal use. Our vision is to fulfill your vision in training your employees or team as your vision is our mission. We will take care of your companies training requirements end-to-end irrespective of any field, domain and industry in the realms of Sales, Leadership & Soft skills. Now let me introduce myself.

My name is Coach Animesh Kumar, and I specialize in helping individuals conquer their fears and challenges in the realms of sales, soft skills, and leadership.I am a certified “Train the Trainer” from DALE CARNEGIE.Drawing from my prior experiences in sales and leadership, I have conducted over 500 workshops and collaborated with more than 70 companies across India to date.

I am currently based in Mumbai and have provided mentorship to over 10,000
individuals.I am also the author of the Bestselling book on Sales titled : “Don’t Sell, but Solve.” Available on Amazon & Flipkart. Training and sales involves consistent interactions, efforts, patience, simple but effective communication techniques, strategies and the most important thing”THE PLAY OF WORDS”Training and Sales is all in words!!

For me, training diverges significantly from traditional teaching methods. This unique perspective fuels my passion for this field. My training sessions deviate from stereotypes, incorporating a blend of entertainment and impactful learning. This approach yields profound transformations, as I believe that training is transforming lives for the better and yielding strong results, as everyone has the potential to achieve greatness. However, many fail to explore their capabilities due to a lack of training and knowledge throughout their lives.



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We believe in the practical implementation of our program, which individuals or teams can use to enhance their professional and personal lives, ultimately improving their skills and credibility in their work. Therefore, all our programs are carefully curated with numerous exciting and engaging activities, as well as practical exercises.

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5.The Art Of Storytelling

6.Effective Customer Service Skills

7.Develop Your Personality and Shine Like A Star

8.Effective Sales Strategies

9.Team Building Techniques ( Are You A Team?)

"If You Are Not Making Enough Mistakes,You Are Not Making Enough Moves"-Daymond John